Case Repair  (and  replacement)
I have noticed a critical need for this service.  
Instruments are often damaged when an instrument case doesn't stay closed properly and the
instrument falls out.


KBIR is now able to repair latches, catches, hinges and handles on virtually all instrument cases.
The latches and handles I use are sturdy and typical of most cases.
However, the customer can order specific hardware to match the original if requested,
for and additional fee.
Prices include installation: (removal of old hardware may be extra depending on difficulty of job)


Medium Latch:     $17.00 (fits cases from clarinet to french horn)
Larger Latch:        $20.00  (fits all larger instrument cases)
Handle:                 $20.00


Medium Latch
Larger Latch


Case Replacement


If the instrument case is beyond repair,  KBIR can order cases for all instruments.
The cases are made to fit and constructed of quality materials by craftsmen with many
years of experience.  The cases will be able to take much abuse to protect your instruments.


Cases come in "Thermoformed Plastic", "Royalite Molded" and "Wood" in many styles and prices.
The "Standard" wood cases use brass plated hardware and are covered with a high quality,
durable, highly textured vinyl.  This covering is scuff resistant and fabric backed to help prevent
cuts and tears.
The "Professional" wood cases have solid brass hardware including combination locks.
The rich leather-textured vinyl is beautiful and tough, resisting cuts and scuffing.


For more information on New Instrument Cases, e-mail me with
a description of your instrument (make, model, etc..) and I will e-mail you pictures and
information about the cases from which you can choose.