Chemical Cleaning
Also known as the "Acid Bath".  

In this process Laszlo will disassemble the instrument, (the instrument body, valves,
and slides are all done separately), remove interior corrosion and plaque deposits
(green gunk)as well as old grease and oil buildup.
This material which coats the inside surface of brass instruments can interfere
with proper valve and slide action as well as make the instrument harder to blow
through and even affect tuning.  The difference between a medium and large bore Trumpet
(.007") is less than the amount of deposits usually found inside the instrument.
After a thorough cleaning, the instrument is reassembled and lubricated.

A Chemical Cleaning will prolong the life of the instrument by reducing the effects of
dezincification (corrosion from the inside out - pink spots, red rot, etc...).
This service includes a special neutralizing agent during the rinse process which is most
often ignored, but without this critical step the acid bath can cause more damage than good.

This service also includes Hand Lapping and polishing the Slides and Valves.

For Trombones, this service includes Honing of the outer slide.  This is basically
a high speed and delicate sanding and polishing of the inside of the outer slide,
and is the best and quickest way to remove corrosion, lime and scale buildup (green gunk).
The slide is then conditioned for a quick and smooth action.

Of course stuck slides and valves (and/or valve casings) in need of repair will be extra.
Also extra will be the cost of replacing Miscellaneous Items which are worn.

Here is a Bb Flugelhorn before and after the Chemical Cleaning process.
 Before (click to enlarge)
After (click to enlarge)

Instruments and Prices:

Single French Horn (3 valves):  $105.00
Double French Horn (4 valves):  $125.00
Trumpet:  $88.00
Tenor Trombone (no valve):  $45.00
Tenor Trombone (1 valve):  $66.00
Bass Trombone (1 valve):  $66.00
Bass Trombone (2 valve):  $88.00
Honing of Trombone Slides w/o chemical clean: $24
Euphonium / Baritone:  Based on estimate. (Usually 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hrs)
Tuba:  Based on estimate. (Usually 3 to 4 hrs)