General Repairs and Services.
Dent Removal:  (Click on Picture to enlarge) 

Klein's Brass Instrumental Repair is fully equipped for dent removal on all brass instruments.
Laszlo in his workshop
This Bb/A French Horn came to Laszlo
with an extremely creased and dented bell section.  It wouldn't even fit in the case it was so disfigured.
Bell is put back on after
dents are removed.
After soldering, the Horn is thoroughly cleaned and polished.  It's lubricated and ready to make great music once again.
Instrument Alignment and Brace Fabrication:
In the event that a brace is cracked, loose, or missing, KBIR will fabricate and attach the brace
made specifically for your instrument.  Bent and loose tubing can be refit, and also patched
if there are cracks or holes for "play" condition.  To make it like new, parts can be replaced or
fabricated for the "just like new" condition.
Laszlo uses lead-free solder to attach braces, tubing and realign the instrument.  
This silver-bearing solder is five times stronger than normal soft solder.  
The results are outstanding, and perfect for improving the durability of school instruments.

This  double Bb/f Horn came to Laszlo held together with Nylon zip straps.
The mouthpipe was bent and pin hole leaks were forming from corrosion.
After straightening, patching and
reattaching the mouthpipe.
Removing and Adjusting Slides:
KBIR can remove any stuck slides and tighten loose slides returning them to working condition.  
The service results in smooth moving slides.  The slides can then be Hand Lapped
for the "just like new" look and feel.

Rotary Valve Bearing Adjustments: ($30.00 per valve)  
Top and bottom valve bearings are tightened to eliminate side play and end play
 to get rid of "clicky" valve syndrome.

Honing of Trombone outer slides: ($24.00)
This is basically a high speed and delicate sanding and polishing of the inside of the outer slide,
and is the best and quickest way to remove corrosion, lime and scale buildup (green gunk).
The slide is then conditioned for a quick and smooth action.

Installation of Water Keys:  
Amado (barrel) type:  $35.00
Silver Amado type:    $40.00
Standard lever type:   $75.00

Amongst other services, Laszlo will rethread valve casings, replace valve string, corks,
rubber stoppers, felts, screws, springs, and remove stuck mouthpieces.